The bull in his habitat


The world of the bull and its habitat in Sevillian dehesa. Meet & greet with bullfighter at his farm, with which you will know first-hand the environment of bulls and bullfighters in the bullring of their own farm.

A high-end private transfer with a uniformed driver who speaks your language is at your disposal for the way from your accommodation to the square and back to the hotel.

We begin with a bullfighting breakfast in the middle of the pasture served by the waiters of the pasture uniformed for the occasion where you will gain strength to make the visit by car.

Throughout the meadow and recognizing the fighting bull in a very direct way.

Together with the young men, the teacher will tempt a brave bull in the plaza.

And after the temptation, You will learn about the experiences of the bullfighter while a lunch prepared exclusively with top quality material and wines from renowned wineries is served..

deference gift, photos and video of the experience.


  • PRICE: 2 Pers. 3.800€ | 8 Pers. 4.800€
  • DURATION: 5 hours
  • DATE: November and dicember


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