La Goyesca in Ronda or San Miguel in Seville

Enjoy a top-level corrida in the oldest bullring of Andalusia. Then a recognized master matador will unveil to you the deepest secrets of his art, from its techniques to the history of the clothing.

A uniformed driver speaking your language will take you to the bullring and back to your hotel.

The tour of the bullring premises guided by a master matador will be followed by a private brunch of traditional dishes, especially the most valued bull meat. You will get to know the real bullfighting atmosphere from the hand of an expert.

After the corrida in the plaza, we will enjoy a traditional dinner with your favourite bullfighter.

Gift for customers: photos and video of the experience.

  • PRICE: Ronda € 3,900 / 2 people | 8 PERS: € 9,500. SEVILLE: € 4,000 / 2 people | 8 people: € 9,800
  • DURATION: From 1pm to 10pm
  • DATE: In Ronda, the first weekend of September and in Seville the whole month of September

La Goyesca in Ronda or San Miguel in Seville