Jerez Zambomba

Christmas to the beat of Jerez.

A uniformed driver speaking your language will be at your disposal to drive you to Jerez de la Frontera.
You will stay in a Jerez palace located in the centre of the city and there you will experience this unique Christmas atmosphere. You will be served the most precious wines and a typical Jerez lunch prepared in real time by a prestigious local chef.

A Flamenco music performance, called Zambomba, will be carried out by the renowned artists of the band “Peña del tío de José de Paula”.
After the party, you will be driven back home where all the services and breakfast are included.

Gift for customers: photos and video of the experience.

  • PRICE: € 3,000 / 2pers | 8 people: € 7,800. From Seville: € 3,200 / 2 people | 8 people: € 8,200
  • DURATION: From 1pm to 6pm
  • DATE: November and December

Jerez Zambomba