A day in “El Real” the core of la Feria de Abril

Enjoy Seville’s April Fair immersed in a privileged atmosphere shared with locals and travellers from all around the world

You will stay in a Sevillian stately house located in the emblematic Santa Cruz neighbourhood, overlooking the Cathedral, the Giralda and the Alcázar. In this magical environment, the most exclusive and personal service is at your disposal at any time.

For women who want to be fully immersed in the genuine atmosphere of the party, we offer personal lessons by a sevillian bailaora who will teach you how to dance sevillanas. We also provide make-up and hairstyling services and even gitana dresses from the most prestigious fashion designers

A horse carriage will to take you from the house to the Feria where you will spend the day in one of the most prestigious casetas (private venues) in El Real (the core of the Fair) in a very charismatic and exclusive VIP environment allowing you to share experiences with the most influential people from Seville, Spain and abroad.

One the most prestigious Sevillian casetas

In the middle of the afternoon, a uniformed waiter will take you in a horse carriage from the Fair to the Maestranza bullring to admire an important corrida from a private box reserved for you.

Private box reserved for you in the Maestranza bullring

After the corrida, a horse carriage will take you back to El Real to continue enjoying the party and then dinner will be served in another exclusive caseta. From there, a uniformed driver speaking your language will take you back home.

This is how people from Seville live their Feria, pure Sevillian style.

Gift for customers: photos and video of the experience.

  • PRICE: € 10,000
  • DURATION: from 10 a.m. to 00:00 a.m.
  • DATE: Month of April in Seville

A day in “El Real” the core of la Feria de Abril